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CfP ECREA 2016 conference (Prague)

ECREA-IIC Conference 2013

Global Communication: social change and media flowsNovember 6th, 2013
ECREA-IIC conference 2013 in Barcelona!

We warmly invite you to submit your abstract to the 6th European Communication Conference (ECC) of ECREA, to be held in Prague 9 – 12 November 2016. The overarching conference theme is Mediating (Dis)Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures.

The International and Intercultural Communication section welcomes contributions that explore different forms of cross-border dialogue, exchange and flows between and/or within nations, regions, cultures, communities and individuals. We explicitly define our section’s field of interest very broadly by referring to all types of cross-border, transnational or global communication as we focus on mediated and (inter)personal forms of communication and do so from the perspective of production, distribution, content and reception. The section also invites papers on the social, economic, political and cultural characteristics and consequences of globalization, power imbalances and international and intercultural communication processes.

Submission and deadline

Proposals for individual papers, panels, and posters can be submitted to the IIC section through the ECC conference website ( from 1 December 2015 to 29 February 2016.


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